What is car detailing?

The main focus of car detailing is to remove any contaminates and scratches that cannot be corrected by washing and waxing your vehicle. By having your vehicle detailed, you are protecting your ride and eliminating scratches that are caused by everyday use. Above all, it’s providing your car with the proper TLC needed to keep it fresh and good as new!

Where do I drop my car off?

All vehicles should be dropped off at our location in East Gloucester. If you are unable to drop your vehicle off, please contact us to set up an alternative solution. We will need clear access to water and electricity in order to provide services. Well water is not desirable.

What should I do to prepare for my appointment?

All vehicles are cleaned at the customers risk and must be able to withstand normal cleaning processes.

All vehicles must be cleaned out prior to appointment. Vehicles that are not cleaned out prior to services will result in an upcharge. If you want the glove box, door pockets or center console cleaned, they must be cleared out and left open prior to services. All compartments that are left closed will be assumed as off-limits and will not be cleaned.

We are not responsible for any lost items left within the vehicle prior to services.

What happens if I cannot be the one to drop off my vehicle or be at home for my appointment?

If you decide to designate a person to act on your behalf, this person acts as your agent. They will maintain full authority to authorize any vehicle services.

Is there a deposit required when scheduling an appointment?

Deposits are required when booking your appointment. Your deposit will go towards the detail and is nonrefundable. The remaining balance is due at the completion of your service. You will not get your keys back until the balance is paid in full.

What happens if I cancel my appointment?

In the chance that you need to cancel your appointment, it is mandatory that you do so 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Failure to do so will result in a $75 nonrefundable charge.

How long does the service take for an average car or truck?

Detailing times are estimated. Each vehicle is different and may require more or less time to fulfill the detail service.

Is there anything in the vehicle that you won’t clean?

We will clean whatever is possible! However, a minimum 20% surcharge will be applied to all jobs that involve excessive pet hair, urine, vomit, blood, feces or other biohazardous/hazardous materials.


All invoices must be paid in full within 1 hour of customer picking up the vehicle or the vehicle being dropped off. Vehicles not paid in full will be assessed a 10% late fee of the service per month

Terms & Conditions

Tricks Mobile Detailing reserves the right to hold onto customers vehicle keys until payment is paid in FULL. No payment, no keys!

Tricks Mobile Detailing reserves the right to charge each vehicle according to the condition of the vehicle and the customers location.

Tricks Mobile Detailing reserves the right to alter or move a booking in line with weather conditions and/or machinery or equipment failure.

In the event of a failure to pay that requires legal or collection action, you agree to pay all cost of collection without limitations for reasonable attorney fees, interest (10% of service total) on past due amounts, court costs, and all collection costs.

By reviewing these terms and conditions and continuing to book an appointment, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.